Final Project: Transformer Knowledge Distillation

    7 minute read    

After learning about the Transformer and it’s incredible capacity to work with language, I was I excited to integrate it into a tool for people to use. I ha...

Week 5: Fun Implementations

    less than 1 minute read    

Week 5 After reading about wonderful neural net architectures for working with sequences of texts, I decided to try some implementations, complementing my ...

Week 4: Fun Architectures

    7 minute read    

Week 4 I’ll be sharing some wonderful neural network architectures for working with sequences of text! Here they are: Vanilla Recurrent Neural Net (RN...

Week 3: Refined Focus

    less than 1 minute read    

Week 3 I have enjoyed an wonderful breadth of knowledge the past two weeks, and now it’s time to refine my plan and focus! To accelerate my progression, I ...

Week 2: Getting A Groove

    4 minute read    

Week 2 After kicking this week off, it took some time but I feel that I’ve got a groove I can get with to get things done! I was exposed to a lot of new kn...

Week 1: Syllabus & Orientation

    1 minute read    

Week 1 I just finished a fulfilling first week for the OpenAI Scholars program. Here’s a sweet pic of our time in the office: